Media Transfer

DVD picture slide shows are an effective, intriguing and meaningful method for communicating your message to clients or to loved ones. These DVDs are an awesome and touching way to commemorate significant events and make great gifts.

Whether you are trying to reach customers in a unique way or wanting to preserve your great memories, a digital slide show might be something to consider.

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VHS to DVD Transfer

If you’re like us, you’ve still got some old videos tucked away but your video player quit working long ago. Why not have Jansen Products transfer the videos to a more usable DVD? This service includes:

  • Transfer of video tape to DVD
  • DVD of the digital video

Fee: $10 per video

Slide to DVD Transfer

Have you got trays of old 35 mm slides and no way to show them? No problem! Let Jansen Products turn each slide into a digital photo. You’ll get a DVD with all the photos which you can then use like any other digital photo. Features of this service include:

  • Slides converted to digital photos
  • DVD with all photos
  • No edits or music are included

Fee: $15 setup, plus 35 cents per slide

Picture DVD Memory Slideshow

Jansen Products can help you create a perfect slideshow for weddings, anniversaries or memorials. We use your photos to create an original slideshow and you receive the slideshow on a DVD. Features include:

  • DVD with custom label
  • DVD can be shown on computer or DVD player
  • Only limited picture edits are included

Fee: $20 setup, plus 85 cents per photo/slide in show