Media Transfer

DVD picture slide shows are an effective, intriguing and meaningful method for communicating your message to clients or to loved ones. These DVDs are an awesome and touching way to commemorate significant events and make great gifts. Whether you are trying to reach customers in a unique way or wanting to preserve your great memories, a digital slide show might be something to consider. Give us a call (563.880.7915) or send us an e-mail.

8mmmSuper 8 mm and regular 8 mm film transfer to DVD

Basic setup fee per DVD created – $15.00 includes chapter menu and label (approximately 15 3-inch films will fit on one 4.7 GB standard DVD)

Typical 3-inch reel of film contains 50 ft of film

1-15 3″ reels + 20 cents/foot
16 or more 3″ reels = 17 cents/foot

Generic looping music track $15.00/project
Personalized music track $5.00/music track

videoVideo to DVD transfer – $10.00/video tape


  • Original DVD Creation with label setup fee $20.00
  • 85 cents per photo/slide in show includes limited picture edits
  • Personalized music track $5.00/music track

35 mm slideSlide to DVD Transfer (no edits, no music) 35 cents/slide – $15.00 setup fee

Copies of DVD Projects $8.00/DVD